New Year, New Music, New Horses.

Updated: Jan 4

What. A. Ride.

2021 threw the kitchen sink at us.

Highs, lows, babies, dogs, breakdowns, and comebacks.

We managed to "find a way to keep it all together". From recording what I believe is going to be our finest work yet in Denver with Eddie Roberts, surrounded and assisted by some of the greatest talent the south has to offer (more on that later), to our trailer breaking down just outside of Little Rock, AK, and being too late to play Cary Hudson's Piney Woods Picnic.

From gaining a band brother, to losing a band brother (and a lot of hair), to gaining yet another band brother and rediscovering the magic that can come from being in a band.

No one caught Covid, no one got busted, everyone is alive, and so overall I call it a win.

As we move into 2022, we are doing so with bright eyes and high hopes. This year has a lot in store for Royal Horses. As we prepare to release our second record, "Where the Purple Flowers Grow", we have begun working with a booking agent to increase our road time, and have been working on our live sound in hopes of putting more of what we do in that space out into the internet world.

The new line up of the band has now been playing together since the month of August 2021, and have locked in and really started to refine the chemistry between us. A lot of you have heard me say it, but I'll say it again - I am as happy as I have ever been with the sound. Our live shows have been getting better every week, and we have started releasing snippets from them here on the website. Be sure to check out the page "Live Recordings" to see what I am talking about.

January will be a slow month for