August, 2021

Shelby here,

I want to talk a little bit about the band, it's past, and it's future.

It isn't often that you catch lightning in a bottle. It isn't something that can be easily explained in words; it's something that is felt, heard, and seen.

Our time as a three man show were some of the most formative years for me as a musician. I learned how to interact with Daniel and Kenny on stage in a way that I can't explain, and only rarely can recreate with other players.

Daniel Firth has taught me how to be a brother, how to stay positive in situations that feel hopeless. He has taught me conflict resolution and how to have a good damn time. He is as much a spiritual guide to me as a friend and a damn fine drummer.

Kenny Paul Mann has taught me how to put your head down and barrel into work to get shit done. He has taught me about little nuances in songwriting that can really make a tune pop. He has shown me, since I was a teenager, that I can make music my career.

We spent countless hours (well.. actually Kenny recently estimated 200+ shows) on stage together, in the van together, in waffle houses together, and pretty much everywhere in between. We have grown together as musicians. We have butted heads like brothers do. We have created music that I am more proud of than anything else in my life. I am eternally bonded to these men because of all this and that's why it is so painful to tell you, as you may already know, Kenny Paul Mann has decided to leave the group.

Saddened though we are, Kenny has his reasons and we respect them. We wish nothing but the best for him moving forward. He will always be a Royal Horse.

This is a path we have not walked yet, one brother down, but I want everyone who is keeping up with us and has loved and supported us over the years to know that we will not be stopping. We will be reflecting on the past and applying those lessons to the future.

Earlier this year I was invited by our dear brother James Kennedy (Swamp Hippie Gulf Coast) to attend and join in on a jam at the Juke Joint in Ocean Springs that included some awesome bands from the east coast. The Firewater Tent Revival, The Awen Family Band, and Road Soda all put on killer shows that night, and later that evening I got to participate in a jam with some other killer players.

At this show I met and befriended Jackson Weldon. Jackson and I hit it off in a big way, and a few months later he drove down from North Carolina with an RV full of instruments and PBR and parked in my yard. We jammed and talk