A Modern Man's Way to Improve (a love story)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We started this journey when we loaded up our gear and headed down to New Orleans, LA a little more than 2 years ago. Downman Sounds Studios was our destination. We were a young band at the time, but we had a great handful of songs and a lot of heart!

We spent a total of 6 days in the studio tracking our debut record and formed bonds that will last a lifetime. We explored this music inside and out. The skeletons of songs we went in with evolved tremendously in the creative environment to become what they are today.

Overall, we knew the tone we wanted this record to have, and Scott Sibley, the engineer at Downman, delivered in spades. We spent the winter and spring of 2018/2019 fine tuning these mixes with Scott, as we shot emails back and forth. All the while, we were fine tuning the songs in our live sets.

We took our time, and we finished with mixes we felt were a great representation of our sound. Any artist that tells you they are completely happy with their art is lying to you. However, we feel the completed songs are natural and are 100% us. We couldn't be more proud of this record.

We quickly sent the album off to Knack Mastering, and Kim Rosen knocked the master out of the park for us on the first try. By the time we started to break a sweat in the MS heat, we had a completely finished album on our hands!!!

At this point, there was much debate on how to release this album. We knew we wanted to really focus on this as a vinyl release, but we had no idea how far that concept would go until we first met with David Gustafson. David was a friend and had expressed interest in starting a small vinyl only record label, Okemah Roads Records. We established a working relationship that would go on to change everything for us.

We agreed to set November 1, 2019 as the date for the vinyl release and got to work!! There was much to do.... David assisted us with designing our album sleeve, printing our records and even kickstarting this very website you are on. However, we were still on the fence with what to do about releasing this music digitally.

The concept behind the release of A Modern Man's Way to Improve was to take a step back to when music was loved and appreciated much than it is in modern times - When music was delivered on a tangible object that you could cherish and pass down to your kids - when people listened to radio broadcasts in hopes to hear a song they loved - when people went to a small record store to find joy - when people went to concerts to discover new music. These things certainly do happen today, but it's becoming more and more rare.

While pursuing these goals, something really magical happened. Thanks to David's work and the championing of the record from T-Bones Records (Hattiesburg, MS) owner Harry Crumpler, we got noticed by the folks that organize the worldwide event, Record Store Day. Our project was selected as an official release for RSD 2020. Our record would be distributed nationally on April 18, 2020, and we were over the moon!!!

We decided to give it some time and release this collection of songs digitally after RSD to help support the independent record stores that supported us. The November 1st vinyl release went off without without a hitch, and we spent the next several months selling records (way more records than we could have ever dreamed of) face to face with people and from our website. It was as grass roots as we could make it!

...Everyone on the planet knows what happened next.

RSD 2020 was postponed until July and then postponed once again until October. We stuck to our guns, however. We held off on releasing this album digitally. We spent an entire year selling our records and making new fans the old fashioned way, one show at a time.

Record Store Day (take 3) actually happened in October, and we sold out of records instantly. Our record was on the shelves in record stores all across the country. In fact, we wound up selling over 1k copies of 'Modern Man' on vinyl during this timeframe. We consider it a Gigantic success!!

As successful as that year was, we still had a record that most music fans in our region had not heard since it was not on any streaming services. This is where our great friend John Michael Early enters the mix. JM is the owner of Downman Sounds, auxiliary musician for the band Flow Tribe, and (thankfully) a great supporter of what we do. He approached us about an idea he had for our digital distribution. Before we knew it, our amazing relationship with High Rise Records began.

High Rise secured digital distribution with The Orchard (Sony) on all platforms starting December 4th, 2020. We most recently started working with a great publicist, TAG publishing, to help us spread the good word!

And one week ago, we FINALLY fully released A Modern Man's to Improve out into the world!!

It took over 2 years from concept to ultimate execution, but thanks to the massive amount of support our family, friends, and fans have shown us in that time, we wouldn't have had it any other way!!

We'll be waiting at the bottom of your chart....

- Royal Horses

You can now stream A Modern Man's Way to Improve everywhere:

You can order a vinyl LP here:

You can find our LP at T-bones Records (Hattiesburg, MS) and other great independent record stores across the country.


we have had a lot of time to record more music.

Stay tuned.......

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