Guitar, Vocals


Double Bass


Percussion, Vocals

Forged deep in the Piney Woods of South Mississippi, Royal Horses embodies the very best of what the region has to offer.


Featuring lyric-driven melodies that pay respect to the musical genres that helped shape the New South, including 70's rock, early blues, rockabilly, and folk, Royal Horses has managed to create a name for themselves the old-fashioned way – one high-energy performance at a time. The trio often bends genre norms while blazing a new path for themselves in modern music. The result is a gritty, yet powerfully-unique sound built on the strength of an undeniable musical chemistry.


The band's debut record, A Modern Man's Way to Improve, was selected as an official release for Record Store Day 2020 and is now streaming on all platforms

Vinyl LP (Okemah Roads Records)

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Stream/Download (High Rise Records)

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